How Maxoderm works

To maintain and achieve an erection in the typical human physicology does involve a complex interaction process of physiological interactions. Excitatory signals by result of sexual arousal in the nervous system release nitric oxcide inside the corpus cavernosum (erectile tissue that is spongy). The smooth muscle cells have nitric oxide diffused into them that line the arteries of this corpus cavernosum. This relaxes the vascular and smooth muscle cells that are trabecular. This smooth muscle lining relaxation allow the penile arteries to be engorged with blood in the corpus cavernosum. This compresses veins that normally drain blood from inside the male penis, resulting in the trapping of blood inside the corpus cavernosum that paroduce an erection.

Maxoderm topical male enhancement delivers targeted solution that arouses the penis and keeps it hard and maintains an erection.

Maxoderm is aimed at taking advantage that enhances stimulation regularly to produce high quality erections and helps with erection dysfunction. This topical cream is aimed directly at the penis and is safe and works to better the erection and sexual experience.

This targeted delivery is an emerging alternative to any type of orally administered due to concurrent concerns of any type of side effects which do occur by taking prescription drugs. And now, Maxoderm offers a better and more preferable delivery method which does enhance the desired effect right and just directly to the much intended physical site of sexual action while stopping to limit exposure to other areas of the body to these ingredients.

MaxoDerm Product Information

MaxoDerm, unlike supplements or pills, provides men with effective sexual support through a transdermal application. By applying a small quarter-sized amount of MaxoDerm directly to the penis, men should experience sexual benefits such as:

  • Increased size of erection
  • Improvement of erection quality / enhanced firmness and hardness
  • Intensifies and revitalizes sexual areas of the skin that contribute to a greater and more powerful orgasm
  • Provides men with greater sexual pleasure and enjoyment
  • Helps men to maintain erections for a longer duration of time

Maxoderm Ingredients

To provide men with the array of sexual perks, MaxoDerm contains only safe and effective ingredients, including a patent-pending herbal blend of Vasotran Auctum. Additionally, MaxoDerm also contains ingredients such as:

  • Methyl Salicylate
  • L-Arginine
  • White Nettle Extract
  • Catauba Extract
  • Maca Extract
  • Saw Palmetto Extract
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Muira Puama
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Methyl Nicotinate

Active Ingredients

Vasotran Adverto is defined as a complete and exclusive balance of the following ingredients below that were engineered by Barmensen Labs in regards to the soothing and lubricating effects that have been tested over the years to maximize and make feel better a man or woman's sexual orgasm and the overall sexual pleasure during intercourse. This is the boost everyone has been waiting for! Maxoderm is the best sexual enhancer available on the market today that features original and quick acting topical Vasolidation properties. To improve any sexual performance it is necessary to increase the blood flow to a man or woman's genital region and the Maxoderm product instantly after its first application works to improve circulation while at the same time giving the best satisfying sexual experience in anyone's life.


Yohimbe extract is one of the key ingredients in Maxoderm. Also known as aphrodin and even quebrachin, or corynine and hydroergotocin and lastly yohimvetol make this an all purpose aphrodisiac. In human studies across the United States, yohimbine has been proven to be an effective treatment in males for male impotence. The yohimbe is available as a prescription medicine all over the world today.

L-arginine is really an amino acid in the L-form and is one of twenty of the most common amino acids today. This amino acid can be manufactured by the human body and does not need to be directly obtained at all by any type of diet. This amino acid plays a very important role in the release of hormones when it comes to Maxoderm and is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Methyl Nicotinate is simply a combination of Methyl Alcohol and Nicotinic Acid does increase the affected body part by microcirculation and the effect is a warm tingling effect on the penis or vaginal area when applied. This type of microcirculation does seem to appear basically as a red colored flush that does occur when an increased blood flow to any part of the applied skin has been performed. The smearing of the Maxoderm cream will add a temporary type of healthy color to the affected skin zone.

Muira Puama has a very well known alternative name and it goes by "potency wood". The root of this small fifteen foot tree along with its bark make up the major parts of this Maxoderm ingredient. People of indigenous nature use this ingredient for sexual debility therapy along with fatigue and some neuromuscular issues and problems including rheumatism. There is a botanical name attached to this ingredient and it is named Ptychopetalum olacoides - however there are many other ways this Maxoderm ingredient is spelled including mara puama, marapama and last but not least marapuama.

Panax Ginseng is basically a family of the slow growing perennial plants referred to the Ginseng species within Panax, which do grow with fleshy roots in Northern Hemisphere inside eastern Asia and typically in climates that are much cooler and not as warm. This ingredient in Maxoderm enhances the libido of the man or woman and have better hormone secretion properties inside the human body.

Catuaba is a Maxoderm ingredient and there are three groups of alkaloids that are dubbed Catuabine A, B and C. These alkaloids enhance sexual function by stimulating the human nervous system is very positive ways. This key ingredient is derived basically from a tree named Erythoroxylum catuaba. This is one of the best aphrodisiacs available on the market today and it is included in our Maxoderm product.

Maca increases the sexual libido of men and women today and it is a standard aphrodisiac used all over the world. For some people, Maca has antidepressant qualities and do help a man or a woman sleep better at night. Maca ingredient in Maxoderm is very rich in a number of medicinal compounds including saponins, beta-ecdysone, alkaloids, amino acids, calcium, carbohydrates, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate, protein, sitosterol, vitamins B1, B2 and B12, stigmasterol, tannins, vitamins C and E and zinc.

Saw Palmetto is used as a light aphrodisiac alternative. This ingredient reduces DHT in the human blood stream and it is a very common thing to find this ingredient as being used to cure sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction.

Nettles has an impact on low testosterone in human beings. This herb helps utilize testosterone that could be unavailable in the body for sexual performance. The oral intake of Nettles (Urtica dioica) is very much reputed to increase in a man or woman testosterone by occupying sex hormone binding globulin respectively.

Zinc does really improve erectile function in men who have a basic zinc deficiency in their body. Any type of Zinc deficiency in men or women will likely have a negative effect on sexual growth and maturation. This is because the mineral seems to be very essential for the human body manufacture of testosterone.

Inactive Ingredients

Thse inactive ingredients are Aqua, some of the aloe barbadensis leaf juice, a very healthy hellianthus (sunflower) seed oil, a very pure stearic acid (vegetable source), the favorable glycine soja (soybean) oil, organic source of cetyl alcohol nf (vegetable source), a favored vitamin tocopheryl (vitamin e), a type of carbonate called sodium biocarbonate, a soy extract called lecithin (from soy), the best leaf source of aloe barbadensis extract, the all famous carmella, most potent sinensis (green tea) leaf extract, a rose extract which is called rosmerinus officinalis (rosemary) and is a leaf extract, very healthy dose of citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract, a vitamin that is really good for men and is called ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin c), methylparaben nf formula and a virility dose of proplypanaben nf.

Purchasing and Applying MaxoDerm

Consumers can purchase MaxoDerm online from an array of websites and vendors. While the original price of MaxoDerm appears to cost nearly $80, consumers should be able to find the product for a discounted price of around $40. To use MaxoDerm, men simply apply a small amount of the product to the penis area. While self-pleasuring with the use of MaxoDerm, men should achieve the maximum product benefits within about 5 to 10 minutes of application.

Cons of MaxoDerm

  • MaxoDerm has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, therefore the safety of this product is generally unverified
  • There is limited information about MaxoDerm available online
  • It does not appear as though MaxoDerm has its own product website
  • Unlike other enhancement products, MaxoDerm can take nearly 10 minutes to provide its intended benefits after application
  • The potential side effects / skin irritation effects of MaxoDerm are generally unknown
  • The consumer reviews of MaxoDerm are generally low, as many consumers report that this product does not provide all of its intended / advertised benefits
  • It is unclear as to whether or not MaxoDerm is safe for use with a condom
  • It is unclear as to whether or not MaxoDerm is safe for use prior to receiving oral sex
  • There is no clear information regarding clinical studies and trials of MaxoDerm
  • There is no clear information on the effects that MaxoDerm may have on a female partner engaging in intercourse with a man who uses this product
  • It does not appear as though MaxoDerm provides consumers with specific promotions or purchasing discounts, nor does MaxoDerm appear to provide consumers with a money-back guarantee

Maxoderm User Reviews

"I admit, yes - I finally have tried the Maxoderm product. The first time I tried the topical cream on my penis, I felt a tiny burning sensation - which is normal. But I got the strongest and biggest erection I have ever had in many years!!! I'm 60 but I felt like I was 24 again ... and this time, much bigger! I was very sensitive the next day but I had to try this topical cream again - it was a really better experience then I would have first thought. So I tried it last night and it was really great! Maxoderm is a great product - and just a little goes a long way with me but I have to say it has me 'in the love making mood' all day every day! Thank you, Maxoderm!"

"I just overheard a good friend talking to his wife about this product called Maxoderm that was advertised. These two people were talking how much better their love making had become, and that it really helped the man achieve better and firmer feeling erections. So I have decided to check into it myself. I checked out their web site and eventually called to ask about their online product and decided to give it an honest try. I followed the stated directions and noticed a big difference within only a few weeks. I have now really been using the wonderful product over the span of six months. I usually apply this cream on my penis every morning, or every other morning - really depends how I feel and what I want out of the day - as part of my normal day to day routine. What a difference let me tell you! My loving wife doesn't know I use this product, but she made a comment the other day which was, 'wow baby, do you think you are still a young stud because you sure make love to me like that.' Our actual love making has never been better then this! Thank you Maxoderm, your product is awesome!"

"I have finally tried your product and I am very very pleased and so is the wife, sensations are spectacular. I'm so glad I tried it. I've tried many other enhancers but no luck. The warming sensation is wild and the wife loves it. Thank you."

"My husband just wanted to take the time to tell you how pleased I am with this product. This product does exactly just as advertised. I can't start to explain what this topical cream has added to my marriage of 30 years. My wife has asked me to get on a monthly plan. My wife also has told me that if I fail to reorder this product, then she will. Thank you once again, Maxoderm now has a customer for life - it really works!"

"My wife and I just want to tell you folks Maxoderm works really and it gets better every day. At my age, 58, Maxoderm was totally a real increase to my confidence in every possible way. I'm actually ordering more right away."

"Thank you Maxoderm for an amazing product! Thank you very much for not over-promising and being true to your facts about this wonderful product. I'm quite satisfied!"

"I couldn't ever have believed it was possible to make better upon what is already the best physical pleasure that every man can truly experience. But Maxoderm does exactly all of that, and from several proven and safe aspects. Thanks to the product Maxoderm because I'm enjoying myself more intensely sexually and quite a bit more often than at any other time in this life. Now if only Barmensen was around and had invented Maxoderm thirty years ago!"

"I am extremely satisfied with the results obtained from using Maxoderm. These days my wife and myself are completely enjoying the most awesome sexual encounters ever. I am 54 years old and I have been happily married to my woman for 28 years. Thanks and props to Maxoderm."

"My name is Mike and I am 40 years old and for the last few years I have had performance problems. I have tried many types of sexual enhancement pills. They worked okay however my headaches turned so bad eventually I did not take them. In the mean time, while my wife was very understanding and completely behind me, it still really was on my mind and had bothered me a great deal. I was reading online an ad about this Maxoderm product and had decided finally to try it. It really worked wonders on my penis and sexual enhancement. This has finally changed our sex life 110% for the better. And what Barmensen Labs say it will do - it really does. But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself."

Maxoderm Guarantee

Here at Barmensen Labs, we truly do believe that real quality customer care is definately the most important and attractive aspects of what we do at our Labs. In order to achieve the best optimal results, any client may have more additional questions about this and many other products or they may even have a question about their purchase. We answer promptly and take care of our clients.

MAXODERM oil has profoundly really enhanced many experiences for hundreds of thousands of happy customers and now it’s your chance to try this amazing offer!

Barmensen Labs really does understand that a client may be concerned with giving a try to yet another Male Enhancement product on the market today but we do guarantee that you’ve never before have actually tried anything like MAXODERM before your time! We are truly deeply confident that our clients will for sure see and feel a big difference with their very first application of this product that we are offering anyone who wants to try for a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee (also less shipping and handling ofcourse) so anyone who is interested can try MAXODERM Risk-Free at their leisure!

Why do we offer this product and guarantee it for 90 Days? Well, we are very happy that you asked this! The MAXODERM enhanced sexual experience begins with a very first application on the penis and even most of our consumers are satisfied with this new experience, we really have found that a larger number of our Maxoderm customers do enjoy the heightened sexual experience continuously as time goes on with greatly improved results when following our carefully designed and outlined Maxoderm Usage Program. Because we truly want our clients to feel comfortable trying out the Usage Program, we’re offering new clients a full 90 days guarantee from any first purchase of this product to achieve the best results possible today! Please see more girth, feel better pleasure and overall enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience every time!

But in any case if a client does not experience these fantastic results they are looking for with MAXODERM whether it is the client's initial and first time or if even this product was tried more than once, anyone can simply call Customer Care at 1-800-553-2618 at any time, ofcourse within the allowed 90 Days of the initial purchase of Maxoderm and a Return Authorization Number will be given to return empty tubes of Maxoderm topical oil - at Barmensen Labs we will refund our client's money (less shipping and handling ofcourse) – with absolutely no questions asked at all! It's that simple - yes - give us a try today!

Email Policy and Procedures

To this day, our email policy is extremely simple to understand: Barmensen Labs will not in any event send any type of email to any person or client who has decided not to opt to receive any emails.

DM Contact Management does not looked favorably on any internet marketing companies as reseller clientelle unless these companies are in full compliance with each aspect of the internet marketing Email and Privacy policy. DM Contact Management does monitor the online resale activity of its clients and the respective affiliates who resell Barmensen prodcuts, and for sure will quickly terminate this service provision for any type of internet marketing client that is deemed to be in any violation from any aspect of our Email and Privacy Policy that is available for online viewing.

Customer Aware

Individual results from Maxoderm topical oil may vary from person to person. These actual statements have not been truly evaluated by the all famous Food and Drug Administration.

This product really is not intended to actually diagnose, treat or cure, or to prevent any disease.

Precautions of use: This topical oil is for external use only. Please avoid any oil contact with the eyes or broken or inflamed skin on the body. Definately please keep this product out of reach of any children.

MAXODERM does not have the purpose for oral sex use. AND DO NOT SWALLOW. For your information, in case of any type of accidental internal ingestion, a client must first and foremost seek professional assistance from a professional.

MAXODERM is also not designed for use by any pregnant or nursing women or women who are trying to conceive a baby.

FOR CONDOM USE PRECAUTION: MAXODERM is created from an ionized water-based formula in its professional design. And even although these water-based formulations can normally be used quite safely with any latex condoms, MAXODERM topical oil has not yet been extensively tested to formulate its potent effects on the strength of any type of condoms. The MAXODERM product is not a sexual contraceptive. This topical oil does not prevent any type of pregnancy or the spreading of any type of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) between people.

Please do try to remember that no supplement product available on the market today is for everyone. If there are drugs that you might be using that require any type of prescription to normally regulate your blood pressure or to control certain types of cardiac conditions, then please ask your professional doctor if MAXODERM is correct and the right choice for you.

The online product testimonials that are seen here on this web site are based on factual letters and emails we have received from many of our happy and very satisfied customers which have become monthly recurring clients.

When purchasing our products and using state-of-the-art online bit encryption security technology, any online product order is 100% secure. When placing a product order, the web site will take you to our very secure server before being asked for any type of credit card number to complete the online purchase. We use an online address verification system to fully compare your stated billing address against your credit card on file with your regional bank. And please do note that unless this information matches, we can not and will not process any online order.

All of our client's privacy is extremely important to us. Because of this fact, we never do trade, sell or subject this information to lease like your name, e-mail address or other sensitive and personal information - read more. However we will definately try to contact you ONLY if your submitted online order information is not complete.

All online orders from our clients are shipped discreetly in just a very plain and normal looking package with only a shipping label which states "Leading Edge Marketing Inc." There is absolutely nothing stamped or written on the package itself that reveals the identity of the contents inside.

All correspondence related to Leading Edge Marketing by any type of online email and mailing lists are maintained and profesionally managed by DM Contact Management Ltd. We use a mailing list manager program that respects our client's privacy and does not send emails to anyone unless specifically opted in by our client (simply, if a client asked to receive it).

Male Sexual Health - Memo from Research and Development Department

Barmensen Laboratories

This month we spoke with John R MacKenzie, the chief of Research and Development at Barmensen Laboratories about NATURAL MALE ENHANCEMENT methods available today for men looking to increase sexual performance or for those who suffer from mild symptoms of male sexual dysfunction.

RF: Thank you for taking the time to sit with us today. I'm sure that with all the new developments in the male enhancement industry you must be very busy.

JRM: : Very busy to say the least. There are just so many new exciting breakthroughs allowing men to take their sexual health and performance to the next level. Boosts in male stamina (premature ejaculation), increasing sex drive (libido) and improving erection quality (firmness and duration) have been areas where we've been most active - these also happen to be the areas men seem to need the most help with.

RF: That sounds like promising news for men everywhere. With what new male enhancement methods have you seen the greatest results?

JRM: As we begin to have a better understanding of male sexual health and performance, we know that it is a complex process that encompasses both mental and physical aspects. To be in peak sexual condition it's vital for a man to take an approach that takes both into consideration. We've seen the strongest improvements with males in average to good health - who do not want to turn to prescription drugs and who are looking to increase sexual performance. However, we have also seen positive responses in males suffering from mild male sexual dysfunction.

RF: That pretty much goes against the philosophy of “take a pill and everything is okay”’. You know, the “magic bullet” theory?

JRM: Yes, that’s correct. We are against the idea of a “quick fix”. Rather, we believe in a total Male Enhancement “SYSTEM”.

RF: A “system” – I’m not familiar with the concept with respect to male enhancement. Explain.

JRM: It doesn't surprise me, most people aren't. A Male Enhancement System addresses sexual health and performance inadequacies and mild sexual dysfunction from several angles. Men who take this approach have dramatic improvements in stamina, sex drive and most importantly erection quality. This ultimately leads to a tremendous boost in self-confidence (the mental or conscious aspect of sexual performance). This is very similar to the confidence boost you would feel when experiencing positive results from a quality fitness regimen that included a “system” of good diet and healthy exercise.

RF: So what is included in this Male Enhancement System?

JRM: The cornerstone of the System is MAXODERM™, which I’m sure you’ve heard of.

RF: I’m very familiar with MAXODERM™, I have used it successfully before myself – very effective. But for the readers that might not be familiar, MAXODERM™ is a topical lotion that uses transdermal delivery to increase blood flow to the penis, right?

JRM: That's correct. MAXODERM™ is based on the notion that supplements are absorbed quicker and more effectively through the skin from a topically applied product as opposed to an ingestible pill alone. Our SYSTEM of unique patent-pending formulas, designed to complement each other, maximizing the effectiveness of each component, take this concept to a much higher plateau. Step 1 in our SYSTEM is XTS™ or Xtreme Transport System™, a spray that immediately goes to work widening the pores of the skin to allow the transdermal delivery process to work that much more quickly and efficiently. Step 2 is MAXODERM™ and you know how effective MAXODERM™ is at immediately and drastically improving sensation and erection quality.

RF: I can definitely vouch for that!

JRM: At this point, when our carefully designed Usage Program is followed, Steps 1 & 2 has provided the average male with a significant boost in confidence as to his sexual health and performance. That's where Step 3 in our male enhancement SYSTEM comes into play – MAXFORCE™ - our key to long term sexual health maintenance. Although we know that an herbal ingestible by itself will not suffice for penis enlargement purposes, we have not dismissed the long term benefits of an intelligently designed male enhancement ingestible. The result is MAXFORCE™, our once a day tablet to help maintain arousal, stamina and energy for the long haul.

RF: I understand that you have a female lotion designed to increase female orgasm intensity and frequency as well.

JRM: That's right. MAXODERM CONNECTION…™ also helps improve stamina and erection quality in men during sexual intercourse. It's available as part of the MAXODERM™ Male Enhancement System or separately.

RF: Quite impressive - sounds like you have all the bases of male enhancement covered.

JRM: Yes, we’ve seen the greatest results when all components of the SYSTEM are followed along with our Usage Program. We find it easy for men to follow the program because of the incredible boosts in confidence the System provides and due to the fantastic sensations the products produce.

Again thank you for taking the time to educate us today.