Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature ejaculation treatment can be found in the later part of this post. First, I would like to talk about PE and what it is.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates sooner than he would like to. Other names that are associated with it are: rapid climax, rapid ejaculation, premature climax, PE, or early ejaculation. Two researchers, William H. Masters and Virginia E Johnson (Masters and Johnson), who researched into the nature of human sexual response from 1957 to the 1990s, defined PE as when a man ejaculates before his sex partner achieves orgasm, in more than 50% of their sexual encounters.

When premature ejaculation happens to a man, it can be extremely embarrassing, humiliated and make him feel less like a man. It can even hurt a relationship due to not satisfying their partner. If it happens to you, don’t worry, it is a common complaint among men, specially in younger men. Statistically, premature ejaculation affects 25%-40% of men in the United States. In reality, most men have experienced it at least once in their sexual encounters. It often occurs early in a relationship, because of anxiety and over stimulation.

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Premature ejaculation is often classified as ejaculating within one minute or less of vaginal penetration. Another event that can be considered as PE is the inability to delay ejaculation on all or nearly all vaginal penetrations. PE is considered to be a psychological problem and does not represent any known organic disease involving the male reproductive tract.

There are premature ejaculation treatment out there that can help control PE and get you the sex life you always wanted. There are free and paid versions of treatments. Free cost no money, but may take longer to treat your premature ejaculation problem. Paid treatments don’t cost a lot and work faster, if not instantly. So, take a look at the possible techniques and creams - read more

Premature Ejaculation Treatment Explained

Some possible free premature ejaculation treatment that can help are:

1. The “stop and start” Method:

The “stop and start” method is one of the more popular premature ejaculation treatment that is used. When the man gets sexually stimulated and feels like he is about to orgasm. Stop the stimulation for approximately thirty seconds and begin to stimulate again. Do this pattern until the man wants to ejaculate. On the last time, keep stimulation until the man orgasms.

2. The Squeeze Technique:

Another popular free premature ejaculation treatment methods of controlling PE is the Squeeze Technique. The method works as follows:

Step 1: Start sexual activity as normal, this includes stimulation of the penis, until you feel like you are about to ejaculate.

Step 2: Gently squeeze the end of the penis (where the glans meets the shaft) for several seconds, until the urge to ejaculate has passed.

Step 3: Release and wait for approximately thirty seconds, then go back to foreplay or intercourse.

Step 4: If you feel like you are about to ejaculate again, just repeat the process.

After some practice, it may become a habit to delay your ejaculation, which may cause for you to no longer use the “squeeze method” technique.

3. Self Distraction to Prevent Premature Ejaculation:

When you are getting too arouse and feel like you are about to climax, take a deep breath and try to think about something else. Something boring or unattractive and then when you get less aroused you can continue with penetration.

Some possible paid premature ejaculation treatment that can help are:

1. Enlast Cream

This is the best premature ejaculation treatment on the market. Enlast is a brand new topical lubricant cream that reduces oversensitivity in advance of intercourse. Enlast is gently massaged into the skin resulting in a well lubricated and warming sensation that enhances sexual pleasure and sexuality with unique and powerful herbal stimulants. It helps temporarily slows the onset of ejaculation, which helps you last longer in bed, so you have a better chance satisfying your partner. And the best part, it is safe and effective with condoms.

It’s been advertised on MSN,, MSNBC, and Enlast is manufactured in the USA and uses FDA Approved ingredients.

2. Extenze

The second best premature ejaculation treatment method is considered to be Extenze.. These pills are mainly use for increase penis size, but also make your erection last longer. Also with Enlast, Extenze is one of the top sellers on the male enhancement market. These pills also create more powerful and intense orgasms. This premature ejaculation treatments is a product with a lot of reviews, yet watch out for false reviews online - visit web site

3. Use Condoms

Some men use condoms to reduce sensation to the penis. This can sometimes be a quick fix. So, this is premature ejaculation treatment number 3.

4. Sex Therapist

If it gets too bad and nothing else works, some men can consult with a sex therapist. This should be your last resort as a premature ejaculation treatment, because it can be too expensive.

So, there you go. A little explanation on premature ejaculation and some premature ejaculation treatments you can try to improve your love life and have the best sex of your life.

If you are suffering from PE, don worry, there are premature ejaculation treatment out there, so go ahead and treat it and get your bedroom life back!